Nº 15 Sorlla Street, Tangier 90000, Morocco

Vision 2020


Core Values (The 5Cs)

Credibility: To be a role model of trust, mutual respect and friendliness through honesty and integrity in everything we do to deserve the trust and the credibility of everyone

Compassion: We constantly make the maximum and sincerest efforts to empathize, understand and care to fulfill the requirements, needs and desires of our customers and employees, while we contribute to the society and assist in protecting the environment.

Concentration: We are keen to provide the best food, alimentation products and services and cooking methods of Indian and Oriental best styles and tastes

Choice: We provide and offer diverse and distinct choices of food, alimentation products and services to meet and exceed customer's desires, tastes and expectations.

Creativity: We maintain continuous renovation through creativity and innovation in ways, offers, means, products and services that enable us to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers